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Shingle roofing before replacement

Our shingle roofs can be ordered in many colors. Compare your options by clicking here:  Owens Corning Shingle Color Selector

Summer Harvest Shingles Duration TruDefinition® DURATION® SHINGLES

TruDefinition® DURATION® SHINGLES in Summer Harvest color

Shingle roofs are durable, affordable, and beautiful. With the many color choices available your new roof is sure to turn heads. Replacing your roof comes with many benefits if done properly. We recommend that you have the existing roofing removed down to the decking first. Many ask if it is more affordable to go over the existing roofing. Our answer is NO! There will be long-term effects that are not visible until it is too late. This will certainly be more costly down the road.

You will want to start with hiring a trusted roofing contractor that has all of the proper licenses and insurances. Ask for their references and be sure to contact them. We encourage our customers to ask any questions to learn about the roof replacement process.

One thing some homeowners are excited to hear about is the insurance discounts with a new roof. Yes, this is true. You can notify your insurance company of your new roof and if you have used the proper materials, you can earn discounts. We love to share this good news. We will provide you with the paper work necessary  to accomplish this.

Do you have multiple projects going on at once? We work with your contractors to coordinate scheduling so everyone may work efficiently.

If you are looking for quality workmanship and the best customer service we are here to help you through your roof replacement project.



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