Residential Roof Inspections

If your roof is more than 10 to 15 years old or you’re seeing signs of leaks and shingle damage, it’s time for a roof inspection by a professional roofing contractor like Frank’s Roofing & Spraying.


How long a roof will protect your home is dependent on so many factors—how well it was installed, proper attic ventilation, cracked shingles and the presence of curled edges, dark areas, algae, mold or moss. All the warning signs can signal the approaching end of your roof’s useful life.


Because your roof is so essential to protecting your home investment, inspections are periodically requested by your insurance company to determine the condition and life expectancy of your roof. Such inspections must be done by a certified roofing contractor like Frank’s Roofing & Spraying to ensure your roof is still in good condition.


Professional roof inspections are also advisable before you purchase a home or commercial building to assess the condition and expected life of the roof to limit unforeseen expenses associated with repairs or replacement.


All roofing inspections are done by a qualified roof inspector who comes to your home to personally inspect the exterior surface of your roof. Obviously, we cannot guarantee what we cannot see that could be lurking beneath the surface.


We will provide a written copy of the exterior inspection report to the property owner and/or other interested party. The report will assess the estimated life expectancy of the roof, the overall condition of the roof, and any maintenance or repairs we recommend, based on our years of professional roofing experience.


Call Frank’s Roofing & Spraying for a professional roof inspection today!


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