Residential Roof Repairs

Got an unexplained water leak? Is your roof more than 10 or 15 years old? If you haven’t had a qualified roofing expert inspect your roof in some time to determine its condition or expected remaining life, it is time. The only way to know for sure what condition your roof is in is through a roof inspection by a knowledgeable, experienced professional.


We homeowners take our roofs for granted … with little thought about the safety and protection it provides our family year after year. We depend heavily year in and year out to protect our single largest investment—our home—even in the face of powerful winds, pounding summer rains, and damaging sunshine.


Roofs do fail—usually a little at a time. We may not notice the subtle signs at first. A small tan circle on a ceiling—a sure sign of a water leak—can go unnoticed. Dangling palm fronds may be beating your roof daily, transmitting insects into our home, as well as cracking and degrading shingles. Common areas prone to roof leaks are valleys, the flashing under eaves and in and areas around vents and chimneys, or anywhere water pools. Once water starts to intrude, the damage will continue to enlarge until the leak is stopped.


Free repair estimates

We are your hometown neighbors who have been helping people protect their homes for more than 45 years. We have a longstanding community reputation for dependable service, transparent pricing and integrity. Repair estimates are always free. Roofs that are less than 10 or 15 years of age can often be repaired where the damage is caught early and the roof in still in good, serviceable condition.


Climbing up on ladders and roofs is a dangerous activity for most weekend warriors … one that is best left to skilled professionals. We’re trained to recognize the early warning signs of roof deterioration. It’s just good home management to have your roof routinely inspected every year or two—or following major storms—to prevent little problems from becoming big problems. Every job is supervised onsite and proudly guaranteed.


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