Roofing Repairs

Do you have an unexplained roof leak? Is it time for a roof repair?  Maybe you have noticed bubbles in the paint or stains on an interior wall  have recently shown up. These are signs of a roof leak. Other issues may be a plumbing or air conditioner leak. First, identify if the water has shown up during a rain or shortly after. If so, chances are that your roof needs attention. Any trapped moisture can cause rotted wood decking or even mold. These conditions will certainly be more costly if gone unattended. Common leak areas are near valleys or vent pipes. Our roof inspections will make note of any foreseen issues so you may correct them prior to any water damage occurring. If you have not had a roof inspection and you feel you may need a roof repair, you will want to know what to expect during the repairs. A roof repair can last a long time if it has been installed correctly.

Roofing material is removed in the area of the leak and the wood decking is replaced if any rot has occurred. Water barrier material will be installed and valley metal if necessary. Next, the roof covering will be replaced. As time goes by, there may be some fading in the color of shingles, or tile due to our beautiful Florida sunshine. We will match the repair area to the existing roof as closely as possible. Some extra measures may be available to make the repair area less noticeable. Our estimators are highly skilled and will recommend the best solution for aesthetics and leak solutions.

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