Roofing Solutions

Your roof protects what may be your largest financial investment. If your roof is leaking or your insurance company is concerned about the age of your roof, it’s time to call Frank’s Roofing & Spraying for an honest inspection. When it comes to your roof, you have many options. We’re experienced roofing professionals who have been solving homeowners’ roof problems for more than 45 years. Protect your investment by getting the most experienced roofing contractor in the area to inspect your roof and provide information and guidance that you can trust as to your most cost-effective solutions.


Shingles can be one of the most beautiful, low maintenance roof options to protect your home for many years. We offer a complete color and style array of top quality Owens Corning™ shingles with a corresponding underlayment that works in unison to protect your home investment with an affordable, long-lasting roof. Read More


Metal roofing is fast becoming the roof of choice in Florida’s coastal communities for its superior strength and durability in our climate extremes. They withstand high winds up to about 150 mph, shed rainwater well, and won’t rust. Read More


Beautiful, tile roofs have been around for centuries. More and more Florida homeowners are choosing tile roofs to add upscale beauty to their homes and increase property values. In comparison to shingle roofs, tile roofs are fire-proof, more hurricane resistant, and more energy-efficient. Read More


Flat and slightly pitched roofing systems are commonly found on residential homes on porches or Florida rooms, as well as large commercial and industrial buildings. We’ve been installing flat roofs for many years and helping homeowners prevent water leaks. Read More


Skylights and attic vents can bring in natural daylight and fresh air into interior and attic spaces that cools the house, helping reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency. Trust the professionals at Frank’s Roofing & Spraying to do the job right! Read More

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