Flat Roofs

Flat and slightly pitched roofing systems are commonly found on residential homes on porches or Florida rooms, as well as large commercial and industrial buildings. We’ve been installing flat roofs for many years and helping property owners limit water leaks that can create structural damage if not installed properly or are past their useful life.

Flat roofs present unique challenges if they do not have proper drainage. Pooled water will eventually penetrate a roof and can result in costly repairs and premature roof failure.

Flat roofing materials come on rolls and have a granulated finish. They’re available in a variety of beautiful colors that can be installed over tapered insulation or directly over wood decking. Depending on the application, modified roofing can last up to 15 years before being replaced.

Tapered, or built-up, insulation creates positive drainage on flat and low-sloped roofs, making it a cost-effective, damage resistant and exceptionally durable solution to your flat roofing needs. Through experience and using advanced materials, Frank’s Roofing & Spraying has perfected installation techniques for flat or tapered insulation systems that increase the life expectancy of your roof.

If your flat roof is beginning to leak, call Frank’s Roofing & Spraying, Inc. for a free repair or replacement estimate!

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