Metal Roofing

root-slider-05Metal roofing is fast becoming the roof of choice in Florida’s coastal communities for its superior strength and durability in our climate extremes. They withstand high winds up to about 150 mph, shed rain water well, won’t rust, and offer the best fire-resistance protection from lightning and fireworks. Despite popular beliefs, they don’t make a lot of noise during rain storms and can’t attract lightning.

The color, style and texture of metal roofs vary more than in any other type. While they usually come in large, interlocking panels and are quick and easy to install, they can be made in small pieces and individually installed to resemble other types of roofing materials such as tile, rustic shake shingles, random slate, or standard asphalt shingles.

They’re also lighter weight than other roofing materials and are often substituted for much heavier tile and asphalt shingle roofs on structures that would otherwise need additional structural support. Although a metal roof may cost a little more than shingles to install, you’ll reap substantial long-term savings from their much longer life, lower insurance rates, and 20 to 30% lower energy bills in the summer months.

Frank’s Roofing & Spraying, Inc. is experienced in installing a wide selection of metal roofing types. Standing seam metal roofing has interlocking panels that run vertically from the roof’s top ridge down to the eaves and are secured with hidden fasteners. Traditional, low profile, 5V-crimp metal roofing has exposed fasteners. Metal tile roofing provides the beautiful curves of classic tile with the lighter weight and strength of metal.

Let us help you weigh your roofing options. Trust the experienced installers at Frank’s Roofing & Spraying, Inc. to do the job right!    




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