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Skylights and attic vents can bring in natural daylight and fresh air into interior and attic spaces that cools the house, helping reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency. Trust the professionals at Frank’s Roofing & Spraying to do the job right!


skylight Skylights are beautiful roof features that can bring  natural daylight and fresh air into any interior space. Today’s skylights capture and transmit the sun’s rays indoors, while reflecting heat away from the opening. They are especially popular in inside rooms without windows and mobile homes. You, too, can easily bring the wonderful feeling of living in the outdoors to bathrooms, closets, offices, corridors, and laundry rooms.

We carry and install affordable 2′ x 4′ rectangular skylights and tubular skylights that can be installed in areas that are inaccessible by traditional skylights. Also known as solar tubes, light tubes, sun pipes, and even light tunnels are cost-effective, energy efficient and an eco-friendly solution to reduce the need for electricity. tube lightSKYLIGHT IN BATHROOM


Natural air flow in a well-ventilated attic helps move cool air in and hot air out of the attic to extend the life of your roof and remove excess moisture. Attics are cooled with vents installed on the roof, gable ends, and under eaves and overhangs. They draw in fresh air one area that travels through the attic and is expelled out other vents to keep the attic cooler and save energy. Some models are screened to help protect against rodents and birds. If you have asphalt singles on your roof, the manufacturer may require attic ventilation to comply with the terms of it warranty. We provide and install solar, electric and turbine vents of all sizes and capacities. Of, if you prefer, we’ll provide expert installation of vents you buy at big box stores.


shingle_off_ridge_vent_largePassive, off-ridge air vents are often installed to vent dryers, bathrooms, and range hoods, as well as for attic ventilation and cooling. They are installed near the top of the roof line. Cooler air enters through soffits and hot air exits through the off-ridge vent to cool the attic and remove excess moisture. Off-ridge vents can get dislodged during hurricanes, allowing water intrusion, so it is a good practice to always have them inspected following high wind storms. Off-ridge vents can save 15 to 18% on your electric bill, resulting in fast payback. Installing 4′ long, off-ridge vents is not a job for amateurs. Any rooftop installation has the potential to leak and cause major damage if not installed properly.

Ventsure Ridge Vent

Ventsure Ridge Vent

Ridge vents are small, vented outlets that are installed at the top ridge of the roof to vent hot air from the attic. There are two types of ridge vents. We prefer to use the Owens-Corning® VentSure® Rigid Roll low-profile ridge vents that provide year-round protection and consistent ventilation in the attic. They are usually installed with under eave, soffit vents to promote a natural flow of air upward into the attic and back out again from the ridge. They have a natural, finished look and blend seamlessly into your roof. The rolled vent has an extra moisture barrier that helps provide added protection from weather leaks. Because they have a low 5/8″ profile, they offer less wind resistance than other products. Even so, it is important to make sure they are professionally installed to resist loosening and water leaks.
You can depend on Frank’s Roofing & Spraying to help you choose the best products for your long-term needs!

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