Roofing Materials: Metal Roofing

Metal is fast becoming the roof of choice in Florida’s coastal communities for its superior strength and durability in our climate extremes.

Though they are often initially more expensive, metal roofs can withstand harsh weather conditions better than any other type of roof. They have the highest wind resistance rating of any roofing material, do not absorb water or moisture, and will not crack and peel under the sun’s harmful rays, making them an excellent investment for Florida homeowners.

Metal roofs are also a more sustainable choice over asphalt shingles because they are largely made of recycled materials. They are an energy efficient option due to their reflective qualities, which block heat from entering the interior of the home. 

Is Metal Roofing Right for My Home?

What material you use to roof your home can depend on a number of factors. It could depend on the area where you live, the style of your home, or just even a personal preference. 

Regardless, it is important to know the types of roofing materials your roofing contractor offers to find the best fit for your home.

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