What type of roofing service does your home or commercial property need?

Frank’s Roofing & Spraying, Inc. is more than capable of performing simple roof repairs and total roof replacement, as well as gutterwork and installing various accessories like skylights and fans for your home or commercial building. Our experts will present you with all your options and answer any questions you may have so you can make an informed decision.

Whether your roof needs are commercial, residential, or for a larger community (like apartments), Frank’s Roofing has you covered. Our highly skilled team is diligent, hard-working, and efficient; we will always do our best to minimize distractions for tenants or office workers. If you have any questions about one or more of our services, simply give us a call or contact us online!

Total Roof Replacement

Is it time for a new roof? Well, that depends on several factors. The answer might be yes if you notice any of the following: loss of granules or curling shingles, cracked or sliding tiles, or even water marks or stains on your interior ceiling. It is best to contact a professional as soon as possible if you notice any of these to avoid further damage. A roof inspection by a certified roofing contractor can help you determine whether repair or re-roofing is the way to go for your home or commercial property. Choosing newer materials for your roof replacement can offer many advantages over older materials. Improved installation procedures are required by the current Florida Building Code which allows a higher wind resistance for your roof in the event of a storm. This is also a great opportunity to take advantage of insurance discounts by bringing your home or building up to code during the roof replacement. We work with our customers to ensure they receive quality workmanship with the best customer service at a fair cost.

Wide Variety of Tile Colors

Metal Roofs

Walkable Flat Roofs

Commercial Roofs

Roof Repairs

Your roof may need a simple fix, and Frank’s is ready to see that done right. Do you have an unexplained roof leak? Maybe you’ve noticed bubbles in the paint or stains on an interior wall have recently shown up. These are signs of a roof leak. Other issues may be a plumbing or air conditioner leak. First, identify if the water has shown up during a rain or shortly after. If so, chances are that your roof needs attention. Any trapped moisture can cause rotted wood decking or even mold. These conditions will certainly be costlier if gone unattended. Our roof inspections will make note of any foreseen issues, so you may correct them before water damage strikes. If you have not had a roof inspection and you feel you may need a roof repair, you’ll want to know what to expect during the repairs.

Leak Fixes

Aluminum Ridge Vents

Tile Repair

Storm Damage

Gutter Soffit & Fascia

Whether your gutters merely require repair or an entire replacement, call the team who will make your property shine. Seamless gutters offer many advantages over traditional gutters in that they don’t have any gaps that can potentially leak. They add beauty and functionality to any home. Gutters help protect flower beds and plantings, as well as your foundation from soil erosion during our rainy season. Seamless gutters are made with a special machine that we bring to your home. The coil of aluminum is rolled through the forming machine to create a continuous piece of gutter that is custom sized and fitted to your roof line. Our popular K-style gutter system is as economical as it is beautiful, with a traditional style that resembles crown molding.

Gutter Cleaning & Repair

Aluminum Soffit

Custom Gutter Installation

Seamless Gutters & Downspouts

Roof Accessories

We can offer many roofing accessories to improve your home! Roofing accessories can be installed during total roof replacements or on their own to your current roof. A skylight can help bring light to dark interior rooms or to bring natural light into living spaces; attic vents can help cool down attic spaces and reduce cooling costs; and ridge vents allow damp, warm air to escape from the attic and increases energy efficiency. Many factors go into the prices of installation, so contact one of our experts for a consultation!

Ridge Vents & Off-Ridge Vents

Attic Vents


Chimney Caps



I love the new skylight in my laundry room! It was a dark, interior room that is now flooded with fresh, natural daylight year-round, without adding to our energy costs. It almost makes doing laundry a joy—and was a much better alternative than adding more artificial, electric lights!

Nancy & Mike D.


My new roof looks beautiful. I’ve seen roofing materials left around buildings, creating dangers for tenants. Not your workers. They thoroughly cleaned up after themselves every day. They worked hard to get the job done efficiently to minimize business disruptions. From start to finish, the job was flawless. I would recommend your company without reservation.

Terry L.


Thank you for coming to our home so quickly when I suddenly noticed a yellow ring on my ceiling. I was so afraid it could mean a whole new roof, but upon inspection you found a small leak around a vent that was repairable. I am relieved and appreciated enjoyed working with you.

Reva M.
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