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Commercial Roof Solutions

The foundation of your business begins at its address. Ensure that it’s properly protected from the elements.

Protecting your investment

Upgrading & Repairing Done Right

Every property needs periodic maintenance and remodeling to stay fresh and appealing to tenants. Maybe it is time to upgrade your roof. It’s amazing what beautiful, new roofing materials or color can do to improve the protection and value of your building investment.

A common mistake we see is overlapping roofs. Installing a new roofing over an existing roof causes moisture to collect between each layer, allowing the decking to deteriorate rapidly. Replacing wood decking can be costlier than removing the original roofing and installing the new roof correctly from the beginning. In some cases, installing shingles over shingles can be against Florida Building Code. They both have to be removed down to the decking to provide you with the kind of protection your property needs for weather extremes.

Weathering the Storm

Interwoven roof components work together to protect your building. If any are missing or badly damaged, they will no longer be effective protection against the elements. Insufficient ventilation can be another cause of roof degradation that can shorten a roof’s life. Only a qualified roof inspection can provide the answers.

Tropical storms with high winds and water can result in heavy damage to your roof and, in turn, damage the interior of your business. Pounding storms can initiate small cracks that will enlarge with time and cause more damage. Getting an inspection immediately after major storms is just smart business.



My new roof looks beautiful. I’ve seen roofing materials left around buildings, creating dangers for tenants. Not your workers. They thoroughly cleaned up after themselves every day. They worked hard to get the job done efficiently to minimize business disruptions. From start to finish, the job was flawless. I would recommend your company without reservation.

Terry L.


I love the new skylight in my laundry room! It was a dark, interior room that is now flooded with fresh, natural daylight year-round, without adding to our energy costs. It almost makes doing laundry a joy—and was a much better alternative than adding more artificial, electric lights!

Nancy & Mike D.


Thank you for coming to our home so quickly when I suddenly noticed a yellow ring on my ceiling. I was so afraid it could mean a whole new roof, but upon inspection you found a small leak around a vent that was repairable. I am relieved and appreciated enjoyed working with you.

Reva M.
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